SS Scissor-type Scalpels SS9 / SS17


The scissor-type scalpels have been designed as sterilized disposable products, too. They include the SS9 and SS14 models that are commonly used in open surgery. The SS series unique cutter head design not only delivers similar characteristics to the gun-type scalpels in gripping and dissecting, but also boasts extra unique advantages.

Each scalpel is equipped with a torque wrench for attaching the scalpel to the hand piece, allowing optimal connection between the two.

  • SS9 and SS17’s exquisite cutter heads are smaller and sharper than similar products. offering greater advantages in fine separation and dissection, such as thyroid surgery.
  • SS17 is longer and more suitable for deeper tissues dissection, such as radical cervical lymphadenectomy.
  • SS scalpels brings greater convenience to neck and head surgeries such as glossectomies, parotidectomies, thyroidectomies, etc.


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