SG Gun-type Scalpels



Gun-type scalpels include four models:SG13, SG22, SG35 and SG45. Each model features minimum and maximum energy settings and an ergonomic design, meeting the operating needs of different users. At present, they are widely used in endoscopic surgeries and open surgeries.

Each scalpel is equipped with a torque wrench for attaching the scalpel to the hand piece, allowing optimal connection between the two.

the unique cutter head structure design increases the effective dissecting length and archieves reliable sealing for blood vessels up to 5mm in deameter

  • sterilized scalpels are for disposable use only and completely hazard-free.
  • The curved cutter head design provides greater visibility to surgeons during surgeries.
  • The powerful clamp design reduces the possibility of tissue slippage and improves the instruments manipulation of surgeons during operations.
  • The cutter head can be rotaded 360 degrees to meet the requirements of endoscopic surgery.


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