HP-401 / HP-501





Hand Pieces

The hand piece is available in two models – HP401 and HP501 – for use with gun-style scalpels (SG) and scissor-style scalpels (SS). The two handles are designed to meet the varied surgical tool needs of different departments and surgeons.

  • Aluminum alloy hand piece shell, military aviation quality, with mechanical strength and corrosion resistance;
  • Geneuine gold-plated electrode assembly with minimal contact resistance for optimum signal transmission with tools;
  • Top notch piezoelectric components guarantee product stability;
  • Amplitude transformer designed over several iterations to archieve highly efficient electroacoustic conversion;
  • HP-501 for use with scissor-type scalpels (SS) weighs just 160g, ensuring greater dexterity and precision during sugery,reducing fatigue, and improving the efficiency of surgeons.


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