PRMMU006 Portable 4D Baby Color Doppler Ultrasound Scan Machine


The full-body applied color doppler ultrasound diagnosis system uses a new technology platform based on a safe and stable operating system to calmly face various emergencies. High performance, low power consumption industrial control solution, to ensure better image performance quality presentation.

High brightness, high resolution color medical LIQUID crystal display.

High sensitivity and large touch screens make doctors enjoy more operation fun in clinical applications. Excellent imaging technology, utrasound image accurate display

  • 4D Scissor Hands

Fully automatic identification of multiple sections of fetal brain examination, accurate acquisition of fetal evaluation parameters of the standard section, improve work efficiency and reduce the need for operator manipulation.

  • Two Month Old Fetus

Excellent image quality and accessibility, can quickly help you complete the accurate diagnosis, so that you can easily cope with the daily ultrasonic diagnosis.


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