i_Vision 1.5T MRI System

Liquid Helium Free Superconductive MRI System


  • Helium Free Superconductive MRI
  • FREE-cool cryogenic conduction platform
  • Fast High-efficiency cryogenic media
  • Stable vacuum insulation technology
  • Cryogenic conduction network design


  • No loss of liquid helium, reducing the operating cost within the life cycle
  • No need for a quench pipe, reduing site installation conditions
  • No risk of explosion since no longer a high pressure vessel
  • The COOL-mate intelligent control system integrates remote alarm, status query, automati field ramp up/down function, and frees you from anxiety of quench
  • With high-performance superconducting magnet and sub second intelligent shimming technology, it can quickly complete high-precision shimming in any area and any part


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