PRMMR022 Intensive Care Ventilator



•It is possible to monitor the most important parameters, from the
beginning of the therapy, with P/V Flex and the Stress Index option, as
well as the intermediate phases towards weaning, with P0.1 and Pimax,
among other tests and variables.
•High-flow oxygen therapy
•The addition of this method expands the use of the ventilator to the
stages that are prior and after the mechanical ventilation itself, by
providing non-invasive assistance to oxygenation.
•AVA mode (Adaptive Ventilatory Assist)
•The AVA mode is an adaptive closed loop mode with optimal control
that guarantees minute ventilation of the patient generating a ventilatory
pattern with the minimal respiratory work.
•Ventilation for adult and pediatric patients.
•Software upgradable for:
•Neonatal ventilation.
•High-flow oxygen therapy.
•Spontaneous Breathing Test (SBT) and Stress Index.
•PRVC, SIMV (PRVC) and VSV ventilation modes.
•Available for invasive and non-invasive ventilation.
•Automatic leak compensation.
•Comprehensive respiratory mechanics module.
I•ntra-hospital transportation.
•72 hours of trend storage.
•Low cost maintenance.
•Built-in battery with capacity higher than 2.5 hrs.
•Numerical screen.


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