PRMMR009 Primer Breas VIVO65-Ventilator


The new Vivo 65 is a life support unit for pediatric and adult patients who require extremely safe and reliable ventilation in the hospital or at home. Vivo 65 offers clinical excellence, versatility and low cost of ownership.

To treat patients in the most difficult conditions, their caregivers need safety and clinical excellence. Vivo 60 was developed to meet these demands: It is designed for pediatric (from 5kg) and adult ventilator-dependent patients. Extremely accurate volume dispenser and trigger sensitivity. Advanced display options including combined SpO2, CO2, FiO2 display, numerical values ​​and pressure, flow and volume waveforms on the screen, comprehensive alarm and PC software.

11 different breathing modes
CO2 Carbon Dioxide measurement
4 different patient circuit options
Dual patient circuit


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