LED Operating Room Ceiling Lamp PRMMT004

All functions can be accessed with the touch LCD screen located on the edge of the lamp head.

The lamp light level can be adjusted between 1-100 on the control panel and helps the user to set the desired light level exactly.

The light diameter of the head can be easily adjusted for wide or narrow surgical areas between 12-30 cm.

It is an ideal product for users who need high light power in narrow surgical areas.

Thanks to the handpiece, the feature of adjusting the light diameter without disturbing the sterilization helps the user, and the sensors in the lamp heads allow the relevant slice to turn off when the surgeon’s head is detected, so that there is no increase in the light on the operation area and the surgeon’s head.

User-specific solutions can be offered for low ceilings.



Max. Luminous power at 1 m (Main heading): 160,000 lux
Head diameter: Ø650 mm
Number of titles: 1
Control panel: 4.3” LCD touch panel
Head focus diameter: 120 – 300 mm
Satellite head focus diameter: 150 mm
Color temperature: 3500k – 5000k (7 steps)
Color discrimination index:  CRI RA 96%
Light intensity adjustment: 1-100%
Number of header LED modules: 68
LED lifetime: 50,000 hours
Protection against water and dust: IP 54
Radiation level / Illuminance level: Ee/Ec= 3.21 mW/m2.lx
Main heading light depth: 120 cm
Satellite head light depth: 100 cm
Main topic total consumption: 85 W
Satellite head total consumption: 55 W
Endoscopy mode: Yes
Laminar flow compatibility: Yes


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