LED Operating Room Ceiling Lamp PRMMT003

During the operation, the camera located in the center of the lamp transfers the image to the monitor and allows other people to watch the operation.

The camera attached to the lamp head is commanded via the control panel.

The monitor, which is mounted on the lamp arm, has the ability to move and position.

LED technology does not cause temperature increase in both the surgical area and the surgeon’s head.

The LED bulbs used in these heads, which can produce 160,000lux and 120,000lux power, have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

There are 68 LEDs in the main title and 28 LEDs in the satellite title.



Max. Luminous power at 1 m (Main heading): 160,000 lux
Max. Luminous power at 1 m (Satellite head): 120,000 lux
Main head diameter: Ø650 mm
Satellite head diameter: Ø440 mm
Number of titles: 2
Control panel (for each title): 4.3” LCD touch panel
Main head focus diameter: 120 – 300 mm
Satellite head focus diameter: 150 mm
Color temperature: 3500k – 5000k (7 steps)
Color discrimination index:  CRI RA96%
Light intensity adjustment: 1-100%
Main topic Number of LED modules: 68
Satellite title: Number of LED modules: 28
LED lifetime: 50,000 hours
Protection against water and dust: IP 54
Radiation level / Illuminance level: Ee/Ec= 3.21 mW/m2.lx
Main heading light depth: 120 cm
Satellite head light depth: 100 cm
Main topic total consumption: 85 W
Satellite head total consumption: 55 W
Endoscopy mode: Yes
Laminar flow compatibility: Yes
Camera: 1080p Full HD Camera
Monitor: 22” medical monitor


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