Intensive Care Type Mechanical Ventilator Device PRMMR005

The Mechanical Ventilator is quick and easy to set up with its three-piece construction. Thanks to its ergonomic design, which consists of the main body parts connected to the foot, support and screen, it provides convenience during the installation phase.

Biovent, which allows the parts to be connected to each other with eight screws, helps to work quickly and solution-oriented thanks to its simplified installation system, rather than a complex configuration during device installation.

15 inch high definition
color screen
• Sensitive touch
• Easy switching between modes
• Easy adjustable mode
• Match more than 30 parameters
time tracking


Soluk Sayısı: 1-100/dakika T inspirasyon: 0.1-10 saniye Tidal Hacim: 0.1-3 Litre Akış: 2-120 Litre/Dakika Çalışma Özellikleri İnspirasyon Basıncı: 2-100 mBar İnspirasyon süresi: 0.1-10 Sn Peep Basıncı: 0-50 mBar Soluk Hızı: (ç) 1-150/dk (y) 1-100/dk Akış: (ç) 1-60 lt/dk (y) 2-120 lt/dk O2 Karışımı: 21-100% Spontan Basınç Desteği: 0-100 mBar I/E Oranı: 1:10 (x60*)-10:1 (ç): Çocuk, (y): Yetişkin


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