Defibrilatör – LIFEPAK 15

LIFEPAK 15 Monitor/Defibrillator, from professionals to professionals LIFEPAK 15

The Monitor/Defibrillator is the standard in emergency care for specialist resuscitation teams who want the most clinically innovative, efficient and reliable device on the market, such as the LIFEPAK TOUGH™.


Clinical Efficiency:
Shock energy up to 360 J. With the LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator, you have complete confidence in an emergency, thanks to the highest possible surge energy of up to 360 joules (360 J).
ST segment trend monitoring . After receiving the first ECG over 12 sensors, the device monitors the sensors in the background and warns of changes using ST segment trend monitoring. Additionally, the 12 sensor reports printed include STJ readings to help identify changes.
The only monitor/defibrillator on the market with integrated carbon monoxide and methemoglobin monitoring
Convenience .Switchable platform, more than 20 clearly labeled custom buttons; cables, connectors, printer located on the front panel; Daily diagnostic self-test at 03:00; Anti-glare color display that switches to high contrast mode at the push of a button
Durability. LIFEPAK TOUGH is resistant to drop, shock and extreme vibration; double-layer screen protector; large shock absorbing handle


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