PRMMX001 Sole Horizontal Bicycle


The device consists of steel construction and is covered with electro-static paint, and its plastics are antibacterial and do not contain microbes.
It has an LCD window display. Time ,distance, calories, weight, speed, RPM,level,waht,Laps,Heart Rate, Age,pulse,Hight weight can be read on this screen display panel and there are 18 programs. There are also special user programs between P1-912.
There is a computer magnetic adjustment control system and it can be adjusted as 16 levels. This setting can be made easily thanks to the round button.
The seat adjustment of the device is orthopedic. The reclining part is made of special leather that takes the shape of the body and does not sweat the back, and the seat can be moved back and forth by adjusting the seat adjustment with the push-pull system located under the seat.
It has the feature of taking a pulse from the palm.
The dimensions of the device are: 122cmx57cmx117cm.
The device is wheeled and portable.
The device has a disc with a diameter of 290mm and a weight of 12 kg, ensuring smooth operation.
The weight of the device is 67.5kg.
The maximum carrier capacity is 150kg.


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