PRMCV002 Effervescent Tablet with Redoxon Pro 15

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Redoxon Pro, the most advanced formula of the Redoxon Family, contains exactly 11 vitamins and minerals. Some of the vitamins and minerals in the content of Redoxon Pro; It can be listed as vitamins C, D, zinc and selenium. These vitamins and minerals support the normal function of the immune system. In addition to this, Redoxon Pro contains 7 different vitamins and minerals.

Water-soluble effervescent tablets, suitable for use by adults aged 11 and over, dissolve quickly in water and are easily absorbed.

Adults aged 11 and over can use Redoxon Pro by dissolving 1 tablet per day in a glass of 200 ml of water.

Redoxon Pro 15 Effervescent Tablet contains sweetener. Diabetic patients should consult their doctor before using the product. It is recommended to consult your doctor in case of illness or drug use.


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