PRMCF005 BALSAN Foot Care Set



You can remove the cuticle in just 2-3 minutes.

The entire system consists of:

– Hand and foot care lotion 150 ml

– 40 Cotton absorbent cotton

– 1 Callused skin spatula

– Foot cream “Balance” 75 ml

It works very easily: A cotton pad is placed on dry callused skin and moistened with lotion. Depending on the size of the callused skin, the lotion can be left on for 20 minutes to achieve the desired effect. Callused skin is easily removed with a spatula. Then wash and cream with foot cream “Balance”. The ingredients of BALSAN-Lotion and foot cream are completed so that the skin around the callused skin is not irritated. It is most suitable for the care accompanying diabetic foot treatment! Dermatologically tested!


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