Non-Folding Wheelchair PRMMW001



Dimensions: (Outside Out – Height) 102 cm (Excluding the serum hanger)

Depth 104 cm (External point of handle with footrests open)

Width 69.5 cm

Seat 47 cm widest – 45.5 cm deepest (Curved structure)

Chassis Material: 32×52 mm in size, 3 mm thick, 12 mm thick,

Specially shaped aluminum profile with anodized exterior, curved structure.

Armrests: Easy to clean, movable armrests made of durable plastic material.

Size: 332x60x58 mm (long, widest and highest parts). It is curved.

Footrest Feature: It is made of plastic derivative materials and upwards when not in use with the spring mechanism on it.

It folds down to save space.

Patient Carrying Capacity: 140 kg

Serum Stand and Feature: Outer tube 21×1.5 mm, inner tube

It is made of 16×1.5 mm stainless material.

It has a single hook that can be opened and closed.

Telescopic height is adjustable.

Has Urine Hook

Other Technical Features: There is a seat belt


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