Fluorescent Microscope PRMML101


This series fluorescence microscope adopting excellent quality infinity optical system combined with LED fluorescence illuminator. The LED
fluorescence system is modular design, does not need external power box, it can offer fluorescence illumination. The microscope is good for
entry level fluorescence observation such as immunofluorescence and bio-fluorescence, and bright field of biological slide. It is easy to operate, environment protect and high safety, widely used at school, university lab, medical center and science research institute.


  • Bright field and fluorescence
  • 100% light division for eyepiece or PC
  • FN22 wide field eyepiece with high eyepoint
  • Workable UV fluorescence excitation
  • 3W LED light for fluorescence
  • 5W LED light for transmitted light color temperature around 4300K
  • Microscope stage with graphene surface, slide holder can hold double pieces slides at one time
  • Start to use with no preheating or cooling
  • Move among different color fluorescence and bright field by lever
  • With out external power box or lamp box, all in one design
  • Can expand to polarizing function, add thermal stage.
  • High Quality Objectives
  • Big Slider Holder
  • Epi-LED Fleurescance
  • Double layer moving stage, Graphene surface, Sizes: 210x140mm; moving range:76x50mm
  • AC, 100-240V, 50~60Hz Power Source
  • 30°inclined Binocular Head


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