PRMMV019 Diagnovir COVID-19 Diagnostic Device


Operating in Bilkent UNAM’s infrastructure, Bilkent Cyberpark Technology Development Zone, Dr. With the joint work of Bülend Ortaç and his team Bilkent Holding and E-A Teknoloji, an “in vitro fertilization” virus diagnosis system that can be used to detect the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19 / SARS Cov2) has been developed.

The new nanotechnology-based diagnostic system can detect the COVID-19 virus within 10 seconds with a swab taken from the mouth. It is an optical-based diagnostic and identification system that changes the color of the glow in the presence of the virus, thus detecting viruses with high selectivity. In this system, pathogens are detected within 10 seconds by dynamically receiving fluorescent signals through a pathogen detection chip specially developed for the biosensor device. After the sample taken from the patient, it is mixed with a special solution, left on the pathogen detection chip, and the presence of pathogens is detected with high accuracy by taking the fluorescent signal if there is a pathogen in the environment with the biosensor device.

The purpose of this system, which was developed by Turkish researchers at Bilkent University UNAM and has an infrastructure, is not only to detect COVID-19 viruses, but also to be used for the detection of various pathogens in future studies.


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