Chest compression system LUCAS 3 (LUCAS 3)

The system provides effective continuous heart massage to patients who have had a heart attack. The device integrates the lightweight design of the lower bow, improved quick locking mechanisms, fully automatic lowering of the pinch bar, a new comfortable and ergonomic casing made of durable polyurethane. Most importantly, the automatic compression device is capable of flexibly programming the depth and frequency of compressions. To date, there is no equipment with such technical features contained in a single device.


LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System provides stable blood circulation

The LUCAS 3 automatic compression device is capable of applying automatic compressions throughout patient care, from the moment first aid is given at the scene, during transport to the hospital and in the hospital itself. The LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System increases the victim’s chances of recovery by providing constant blood circulation from the moment it is opened. Design features of the LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System Do not interfere with other life support activities such as defibrillation, mechanical ventilation
. The transmittance of the X-ray machine,

If CPR is needed during procedures, it is possible to use the LUCAS 3 system in catheterization laboratories.
This allows fluoroscopy to be performed on most images without removing the LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System.LUCAS 3,
Eliminates the need for personnel to perform CPR in the X-ray field.
Ease of use and efficiency
The LUCAS 3 system has a lightweight, ergonomic and compact design. It can be easily carried in a backpack and, if necessary, quickly attached to the patient and cut off the manual massage for no more than 20 seconds. LUCAS 3 has a wide range of applications wherever the patient is located: on the floor, in the ambulance, in bed or on a stretcher.

Ease of use and efficiency
• The system offers active chest decompression and an equally long
Provides compression-decompression cycles.
• Light, ergonomic and compact design, carried in a special bag-backpack.
• Suitable for overweight patients.
• Quick setup to the patient – manual massage is interrupted for a maximum of 10 seconds.
• Long battery life (45 minutes).


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