Biovent Intensive Care Ventilator PRMMR053


Biovent offers high quality in terms of both technology and health, thanks to its features, which cover all the gaps that the ventilator devices have had up to this time and the demands of the doctors.

The medical state and needs of every patient are different. Biyovent which is developed with this awareness, offers a customizable structure based on patient needs. Thus, it provides advantages to both the patient and the doctor for the most effective treatment.
With Biyovent, in which every detail is considered for health, characteristics such as height and weight of the patients are entered during use in pediatric and adult patients, and the most appropriate treatment method is provided to the patient.
In addition, the changing clinical needs can be followed up by recording the values related to the patient’s condition besides physical characteristics. Thus, it is ensured that the most appropriate and correct treatment can be performed to each patient.

n terms of usage, Biyovent helps healthcare professionals to reach information they need and provides the opportunity to choose Non-Invasive, Invasive Ventilation and N-CPap, HFO therapy methods in performing the treatment method that the patient needs. With its advanced software features, Biyovent, which establishes a safe infrastructure for treatment, maximizes safety with the ability to select the length and thickness of the air canal circuit to be used for the patient from the air canal settings and adjustable alarm limits.

  • Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation
  • Integrated Nebulizer
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy and N-CPAP (nasal C-PAP)
  • Suitable for Neonatal (Optional)
  • Pediatric and Adult Patients
  • Smart Ventilation Modes


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